A pain in the back

A friend wrote to explain why she hadn’t wrote.
As with many of us she suffers from back pain.
Her pain is severe.Mine is annoying.
I’ve had some problems with a herniated disk that I didn’t know I had.

I’d had back pain for years, and just put it down to a pinched-nerve.Experiencing winter again in China brought the pain back in spades.
I decided to go to a traditional therapist.He placed two fingers on my shoulder and you’d think that a sledgehammer, dipped in lava, had slammed me.I screamed loud enough to pull people out of the halls into the examination room.
Thankfully the doctor was working in a fairly modern facility. He arranged an MRI and discovered the herniated disk.
I’ve since had traditional therapy here in Indonesia. I’m fine, but I can still draw crowds with my screaming.

Something I’ve neglected for a long time is a thank you. Our friend Wu Lin(Jacky) in Changsha helped me to find the traditional hospital. Thank you Jacky.

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Stay Healthy
Don’t take your friends for granted
All the best,Wayne

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Author: duplezwrites

I have been in Asia since early 1996, and have taught in local schools, universities and language schools in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. I was a director of studies at language schools in China and a secondary school administrator in Indonesia. Along the way, I've been a teacher-trainer in Korea, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. More importantly, and I hope more efficiently, I've been a husband, father, and grandfather.

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