A new list of words

Write something with the words below.
Use the words as you will. Use them as verbs,nouns,adverbs or adjectives. Use the past,present or future. Use the simple,perfect or continuous.
Use the language. Write in English. The point is to use the words, use the language, and use your creativity. Don’t misuse the word,just be imaginative.
Email me at duplessis.wayne@gmail.com

1. Case
2. Cup
3. Cable
4. watch
5. Finger
6. Stretch
7. Tingle
8. Notice
9. Please

Getting familiar with the future

Looking at the future. We say that as if we can actually see the darn thing.

Tomorrow, if I may be so bold as to call the future by this familiar name, is getting closer.

Looking at jobs. Looking at getting the training-center going strong.

Looking at schools for my son.

Looking at where we’ll live in the next few years.

A link for you
TEFL Indonesia
Get certified and teach English. Teach English and see the world.
Travels with my Angst

Fitness and other ludicrous fantasies

Fitness and other ludicrous fantasies

Saturday, May 10, 2008 2:57 PM

Staying healthy?
I’m trying to get back to some semblance of fitness.
My little guy is a bit young for organized sports, although the older son did play basketball and football in school.
Myself, the occasional hike and a light workout.
We have a rowing cycle and some dumbbells. amazingly enough, they do get used.
We were in the mountains last weekend. Still sporting a nasty bruise. A sudden rain hit and I went sliding off the side of the mountain and bounced off a couple of trees. I think the local foliage came off worse than me.

Gurus in the midst

All the best,Wayne,Emily and Wyatt