The term is almost over

What’s been happening at Singapore National Academy?
Our school term and the first semester is drawing to a close.
Exams are completed and have been marked. They’ll be a few disappointments, and a few sighs of relief. In general the results are what was expected.
One more week remains. The week will begin with hand backs, and a couple of final projects. There will be one small holiday assignment for each class.
We still don’t know how we’ll spend the holiday.
I’d love to get to Flores or Komodo, but perhaps we’ll settle for a trip to Yogjakarta.
Tefl Indonesia’s January course is still open
Contact us for details
Tefl International in Indonesia

Have a great holiday
Be safe

Congratulations on a wonderful choice for President

Hello All

Congratulations on a wonderful choice for President.

The world joins you in an admixture of joy and relief.

Such is the measure of hope that President Obama has inspired that here in East Java we’ve just had an election for governor where only 54% voted -due to apathy, and disgust over corruption – while Obama’s path to the Presidency has been closely observed.

Fairly, or unfairly, the world’s hopes ride on his slender shoulders.

All the best, Wayne


Hello There

I haven’t posted for some time
Here are a few videos for you amusement

myself, teachers and staff in Jinzhou,Liaoning,China

Chinese New Year

My son Wyatt

Wyatt Rocks

Family in Jinzhou


Wyatt’s Graduation from playgroup


All the best,Wayne