Challenger’s Folly

Here’s a Cloze Passage for you

Use the words to complete the sentences below. Use the correct form of the word.
Exaggerate Humourous Horrible Valuable Immediately
Ancient Surprise Sensible Marvelous Fantasy

On November 20th, 1887 the Society for World Exploration and Discovery met in Huddersfield, Northern England.
“We really enjoyed your story. It was a ___________________ bit of foolishness,” Dr. McCoy chuckled.
“It wasn’t a story, and it isn’t foolish.” Professor Challenger almost shouted.
“Come now, Sir. Surely you’ve ____________________ your travels.” The older man insisted.
Challenger had shown the Society members sketches and plaster casts of creatures that could have been characters in a _______________. He had presented unicorns, gryphons and ogres, and to everyone’s ________________ he had told them his story was true.
He then shocked the crowd of scientists, archaeologists, paleontologists and professors by holding up an _________________ and very _____________ map, then setting it on fire.
“This has stopped being _________________,” an elderly professor roared.
“Garbage,” Challenger shouted “This map is nonsense.”
Challenger’s actions had created excitement and anger. He was shouted at, and told to be __________________.
“I’m not the one talking nonsense, as you’ll see later this evening,” Challenger said softly.
Later that evening the older man said, “you will never prove such a ridiculous story.”
Challenger smiled. He got up, walked behind a chair and _________________ opened a large wooden box. From the box he pulled a ______________- looking skull.
“Is that the skull of an ogre?” Dr. McCoy asked.
“Yes. I do believe it is,” said Challenger – clearly he was feeling proud of himself.