Happy holidays

2009 is about to end.

It wasn’t such a bad year.

My younger brother passed away in May.
May 24, 2009

Of Burk’s Falls

“Pure of Heart”

Suddenly at his residence in Burk’s Falls on Sunday May 24, 2009. Troy was in his 46th year.

“Anything that is real
Cannot be destroyed
Anything that is not real
Does not exist
Therein lies the grace of God”

Goodbye to a friend, and a brother

Photo(in back) Michael,Kevin,Ruth
(in front)Wayne,Troy,Byron

Troy Andrew Duplessis was born on February 16th, 1964 and he died May 24 , 2009

I didn’t get back home to say goodbye
The service was rushed(from my perspective) and there wasn’t time.
His wife and son had the right to make any final arrangement they chose.
It would have been nice to see him one last time.
We were close. We had our arguments, and even a few fist-fights growing up.
We kept in contact, which – with him in various parts of Canada and me wandering around Asia – wasn’t always easy.

I hope the best for his family
I miss you Troy

Family is otherwise well.

We’re trying to relax over this holiday, and spending time together.
For all, keep well, keep healthy and focus on what is important and essential.


Author: duplezwrites

I have been in Asia since early 1996, and have taught in local schools, universities and language schools in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. I was director of studies at language schools in China and a secondary school administrator in Indonesia. Along the way, I've been a teacher-trainer in Korea, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. More importantly, and I hope more efficiently, I've been a husband, father and grandfather.

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