Imagine if writers spoke about other people’s professions the way other people speak about writing.

Or if artists spoke to other people about their professions the way other people speak to artists about theirs:

“Oh, you’re a carpenter? Would you be interested in building me a house? I can’t really pay you or anything, but it’d be great exposure.”

fucking best

Or if photographers spoke to other people about their professions the way other people talk about photographers:

“You’re a cosmetic surgeon? Can I see your price list? What?!!? No way, why would you charge that? You know, I have a cousin who knows his way around a butter knife. I’ll have him give me a nose job. It’ll be free and it’ll look just as good.”

A personal pet peeve. I’m often asked if I can teach someone(or their child/children) privately. On the rare occasion that I don’t stop them before they finish the question; we get around to price. “Really?,"they ask. "That’s so expensive,” they conclude, in a tone that just the right mix of judgmental and pleading.
Expensive? Compared to what !?! Ignorance? Stupidity? Failing?
Little note, I rarely ask the going rate, often it’s 2/3s of the average fee.
Fact is, I’m too busy, and not interested, in teaching privately.


Author: duplezwrites

I have been in Asia since early 1996, and have taught in local schools, universities and language schools in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. I was a director of studies at language schools in China and a secondary school administrator in Indonesia. Along the way, I've been a teacher-trainer in Korea, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. More importantly, and I hope more efficiently, I've been a husband, father, and grandfather.

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