Remaining TEFL Surabaya course dates for 2014

TEFL International Indonesia, Surabaya

All TEFL International courses meet current international standards for a 120 hour course (including over 6 hours of observed teaching practice and over 100 hours of classroom time).
Our courses maximize the cultural experiences of our students and provide multicultural interaction and learning opportunities for those in need.

Fees for TEFL Course
$1,500 USD (excluding accommodation)
$150 – $250 USD (cost of accommodation)

TESOL Certificate:
Minimum Requirements.
Age: 20 Years.
Education: Capable of producing university-level work

English: Fluent or near-native fluency
TEFL International’s course teaches students how to teach English as a second language.
TEFL International has been in operation since 1998 and has 21 schools operating around the world.
You do not have to have a BA to take this certificate course. 

Call Tefl Indonesia and ask about getting certified
Call or text +62 081 703 284 155
Call or text +62 087 851 964 031

Indonesia, Surabaya

TEFL Course Schedule
(TESOL Certification)

Presents TEFL Course & TESOL Course

Welcome to Tefl in Indonesia

TEFL Indonesia Teaching practice for November 2013.
Our teaching practices are conducted in local schools,orphanages and Children’s homes.

TEFL Indonesia graduates for March 2013

TEFL Course Schedule
(TESOL Certification)

Course Dates

    Course in Surabaya and Bali 2014

  • 5 May – 30 May 2014
  • 2 June – 27 June 2014
  • 7 July – 31 July 2014
  • 4 August – 29 August 2014
  • 1 September – 26 September 2014
  • 6 October – 31 October 2014
  • 3 November – 28 November 2014
  • 1 December – 23 December 2014
  • Course dates for 2015
    Surabaya, East Java

  • January 5-30
  • February 2-27
  • March 2-27
  • April 6-1st of May
  • May 4-29
  • June 1-26
  • July (unlikely due to Ramadan/(Lebaran)Idul Fitri
  • August 3-28
  • September August 31st-25
  • October 5-30
  • November 2-27
  • December 30-23
  • Contact us for more details
    Denpasar, Bali

  • January 5-30
  • February 2-27
  • March 2-27
  • April 6-1st of May
  • May 4-29
  • June 1-26
  • July 6-31
  • August 3-28
  • September August 31st-25
  • October 5-30
  • November 2-27
  • December 30-23
  • Surabaya,East Java

  • USD 1,500 (excluding accommodation)
  • Accommodation: USD 150 – USD 250
  • Bali, Denpasar

  • USD 1,700 (excluding accommodation)
  • Accommodation: USD 150 – USD 250

Please contact us with any more questions

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  • Living in Indonesia:
  • Nightlife

  • Java is one of the most beautiful places on the planet,
    and still possesses a wealth of natural and cultural wonders.

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  • logo_5631.jpg
    Get certified and teach English.
    Teach English and see the world.

    Join our TESOL Course in Surabaya, Indonesia or in Bali

    With a wide variety of social and cultural activities, water sports and other
    activities, vibrant nightlife, delectable Indonesian cuisine, friendly
    people and close proximity to an abundance of teaching opportunities,
    Surabaya and the surrounding areas are sure to have what you are looking
    for in a learning location.
    TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and it’s a certification that is required by learning institutions to teach abroad.
    The current demand for teachers is huge.
    Upon completion you will have the credentials required to work or Teach English Abroad as a teacher in non-native English speaking countries.

    No previous teaching experience or specialist qualifications are required.
    The only requirement is fluency in English.

    Copyright 2007 TEFL Indonesia. All rights reserved
    Designed and maintained by Wayne Duplessis –

    Contact TEFL Indonesia with any more questions


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    I have been in Asia since early 1996, and have taught in local schools, universities and language schools in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. I was director of studies at language schools in China and a secondary school administrator in Indonesia. Along the way, I've been a teacher-trainer in Korea, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. More importantly, and I hope more efficiently, I've been a husband, father and grandfather.

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