I resolve to be hopeful

Happy New Year. Best of the year ahead. May you greet the year with new optimism, and may the year respond with health, happiness and renewed prosperity.

Looking back on the last year; there were things we could have done differently, things that didn’t go as we hoped, and things we left undone. A few things to reflect upon: If we remembered to say ‘thank you’; if we chose to ignore rather than react; if we took a disappointment, not to heart, but as a call to action, then we’ve done okay. Let’s move into a New Year with hope, optimism, and a renewed desire to leave things better than we found them.


Weekend in Wuhan

Friday night rolls around and you wonder what to do for the next couple of days. No matter where you are, that is a universal constant. Even if you’re unlucky enough to have to work on Saturday you still look forward to the weekend. Like the Loverboy song said so eloquently, ” Everybody’s working for the weekend.”

For Wyatt, Emily and I  it was a chance to relax, and to explore a little. It was also a chance to spend some time together.