The Bali Scuffle

The Bali Scuffle
Wise to to words
by Ben Lee Wise

The following story is a work of fiction using the 10 words previously supplied

Bali is a place of warmth and beauty. It boasts some of the most wonderful people you could wish to meet. However…

I didn’t mean to punch her in the face. It was a knee jerk reaction. An involuntary act of violence with no plausable excuse. If you were to grant me half an excuse I’d try to explain how the nasal, rising intonation of her “want maasssage?” carved a vicious itch in to my ear-drums.
Her desperate persistance was enough to disrupt my rationality.
I didn’t mean to kick him in the crotch. That small man with blazing red eyes who looked so horrified as the massage lady tried to sooth her wound. His ill-feeling towards my outburst was justified. As feeble as it proved his chivalry has to be applauded.
I didn’t want to bite his thigh. The police man had every right to force me in to a headlock. To his credit he held on with a ferocious grip. What followed was like an aggressive, riotous, quick-step dance.
‘The Tooth and Nail Shuffle’ was destined to finish with a flurry. As I slammed in to the ground like a climatic clap of thunder a heavy flip-flop pounded my guts. I began slipping in to the quiet, fuzzy darkness to the distant, fading sound of applause. The last thing I recall was a stranger crouching by my side. He got closer and closer in order to be heard above the crowd and inquired “Transport?”

Ben Wise

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