Midnight flight

Midnight flight:
In the small hours of the night
She creeps out of bed.
For too long she has lain
Still as a corpse
Not daring to disturb
Her once quick-witted lover
Lying by her side.

Determined not to sleep
What else was there to do
But shuffle through the memories
Of the past three years?
Things hadn’t always been this way.
It wasn’t so difficult to recall the days
When the promise of love had been young.

Before the flames of anger
Began to burn her hopes down.
Growing red and hot.
Spewing fumes that choked and hurt.
Days when she dared voice
Her dreams and fears.
Before she learnt to bite her tongue.

Well, every marriage must endure
The usual wear and tear
But should that include
The odd punch, slap and kick?
Her mother thought so.
Even begged her to stay.
Talk of shame and family dishonour
Kept her shackled to her house of pain.

Oh she had tried to be a good daughter
And wife
But nothing it seems
Could soothe her itch to be free.
Nothing could suppress
The nagging voice inside asking
‘What about me?’

And what about her?
As she begins her flight
So commences her quest to find the answer.
The clip clap of her footsteps
Echo through the dark night.
She won’t turn back now.
The finish line’s in sight.

by Ide Wise