A visitor in Surabaya

A little girl in a hijab just showed up at the house to meet her mom, who cleans for us three days a week. This grade three student is a very polite, respectful child. This is due to upbringing, good manners and being a decent person. As the Bundy bozos and the Klan yahoos have shown, no religion or nation is free of jackasses. No nation or religion should be defined by the extremists who distort belief and scripture for their own purposes. I have broken bread with atheists, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans and likely a couple of Jedi. I would gladly break bread with most of them again. With a few of them however, I would not break wind.

Top Ten Lists

Top ten reasons to Teach English

1. You can’t sit on the couch all year
2. Eventually The Kardashians is going to be cancelled
3. There is no new Star Trek franchise
4. Somebody has to do it
5. We can’t all work in retail
6. How many times are you going to apply at McDonalds?
7. Mom and Dad need a life
8. The girl next door is not ‘playing hard to get’
9. Someone is your graduating class needs to get a job
10. If you lived here, you’d already be home

Top ten reasons to live in the tropics

1. You’ll be there when the first coconuts come off the line
2. You could get a real suntan
3. People still won’t understand you, but you won’t care
4. Seasons? Who needs ‘em!?!
5. Sand gets in some interesting places.
6. Tan lines are better than …
7. Do you like shoveling snow?
8. Because you can
9. You will believe a man can fry
10. Fresh fruit

Top ten reasons to work overseas

1. You could use a change of scenery
2. Telemarketers won’t call
3. Something to talk about to your grand kids
4. Something to talk about on your next date
5. Get a date
6. Get off the couch
7. Disneyland is the most exotic place you can imagine
8. You need to update Facebook
9. Indonesia is not just a menu selection
10. Experience three kinds of Java (coffee, the island, and coding language)

Top ten reasons to leave home

1. Mom needs to change your sheets
2. Dad wants to have that talk with you
3. Uncle Bill’s off the wagon again
4. It’s better to have a housekeeper
5. Walmart
6. Oprah’s going off the air
7. Even Dave is moving on.
8. Your passport needs love
9. The grass is greener on the other side
10. Get tagged in some interesting photos

Top ten reasons to be a teacher

1. Respect and some money
2. Sometimes you’ll actually feel like a star
3. You can make a difference
4. What are you saving all that language for?
5. You need some experience
6. Are you experienced?
7. You have to learn grammar someday
8. We can’t all be on American Idol
9. It’s a great way to meet people
10. You’ll enjoy it

Top ten reasons to see the world

1. It’s changing
2. It’s an interesting place
3. If you stand in one place the world will not come to you
4. It’s there
5. You’ll be amazed by what you see
6. You’ll be amazed by what you hear
7. You’ll be amazed by what you feel
8. You’ll be amazed by what you taste
9. You’ll be amazed by what you smell
10. People will be amazed by you

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We’re on holiday.
That should be good,but it has a downside.
I’m crap with free-time.
We decided to head to Tanjung Kodok.
Anyone of you out there with the barest grasp of Indonesian knows that Kodok is frog. Here was this Villa surrounded by clay frogs.
Ah, but the story doesn’t begin there.
We were to meet the other parents and assorted kidlets at Linda’s house. We arrived dutifully at 8:00am. Stupid us.
After assorted fits and starts we got going at 9:30am.
The car was packed with gear,luggage and small things that made horrendous noise.
After a two-hour drive we arrived at the villa. It was very nice, very modern, and for the first 10 minutes it was clean and looked like it might be a relaxing couple of days.
First day we visited the zoo
Less a zoo than a strange park that animals live in.
I will post pictures
That afternoon we stopped at a restaurant and I ordered the Gule Kambing(goat Chowder) …one of my favourites. It wasn’t the bits of bone, it wasn’t the fat, it wasn’t even the rawhide presented as edible, it was the chili that made me push this away away after two valiant attempts to eat it. This dish is one of the more subtly-flavoured experiences you can have here. The tender meat, the play of various spices, the rich aroma. To place this crap before anyone is a insult to food, goats, diners and Indonesia.
That afternoon I took some photos around the rocky beach.
I was congratulating Emily and myself on how well behaved Wyatt was in comparison to the hellions that are his classmates.
The next day was Wyatt’s.
Now I want to preface this …Wyatt is a well-behaved, but active kid. He’s usually a good-traveler.
It started simply enough. We had breakfast at the hotel. Good.
Wyatt acted up a little. After a few calming words from dad he sat still, or as still as any four year old sits.I got the lecture on how loud my voice is. It is.
We headed from the park.
Wyatt and I both had swim suits under our clothes and were prepared to quick change as soon as water appeared. When Wyatt learned swimming was later he voiced his concerns. Man, and they thought I was loud.
This went on at every attraction. Bumper cars(once he was in, he was fine),helicoptor ride,small roller-oaster, atv bikes,go Karts after the rides ended, the noise began again.
Finally we got to the swimming.
We survived.
We made it back to Surabaya.
I took Wyatt to the bathroom.
Wyatt proceeded to pee, before his pants were off – wetting pants and shoes, meaning happy dad needed to use most of the handtowels to clean him up.
We ate. Heading home Wyatt started to screech. Every head in the restaurant turned.
Wow. Can’t wait for the next vacation.