New courses for April,May and June

New courses for April,May and June
Java is one of the most beautiful places on the planet,
and still possesses a wealth of natural and cultural wonders

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New courses for April,May and June


Drawing a blank or not

Drawing a blank or not

Raffles and the British Invasion of JavaRaffles and the British Invasion of Java by Tim Hannigan
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Raffles and the British Invasion of Java, by Tim Hannigan, is a well researched and well-written book. Tim Hannigan presents Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (6 July 1781 – 5 July 1826) in a way he has rarely been seen; not as a liberal paragon, but as a flawed, overly-ambitious man. He is presented as intelligent and creative, but also as willful, petty and somewhat of a hypocrite.

An examination of the life and legacy of the man often credited with the success that is Singapore. This book looks at what happened when the British invaded Java. It’s not an alternate history or an episode of Doctor Who. The British did invade and occupied Java for almost five years (Aug. 1811-March 1816).
The changes, reforms and consequences of that half-decade resonated long after they left. From government structure, land division and the administration of tax districts Raffles policies and decisions would have lasting consequences for himself, his family, Indonesia and for Great Britain.
The man who is touted as a great reformer is more often revealed as an example of colonial excess, greed and cultural disregard.

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InterNations Christmas Party at Coco Palms » TravelBlog Archive » Travels with my Angst

InterNations Christmas Party

On December 13th we celebrated our Christmas with a great dinner, a few drinks and a few games here in Surabaya.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Hope you all had a good time.
Thanks again to the management and staff of Coco Palms.

InterNations Christmas Party at Coco Palms » TravelBlog Archive » Travels with my Angst

Board Work

An essential element of many classrooms,boardrooms,town halls and sales offices; whether for teaching children or training employees, explaining a policy making a sales pitch. This is the briefest sampling of boards from classrooms.

Some of these boards are for young learners, while some are for teenagers. I will add some boards from adult classrooms and teacher-training sessions.

Board Work